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Our services

Recent Opportunities

Wireless transmission of electricity is here! Testudo client Codigo DUPV is ready to demonstrate its wireless charger for mobile phones, household appliances and even electric vehicles. Partners are welcome to jointly develop and commercialisation real products. Contact Ron for more details.

IoP Innovation awards are seeking products, processes or innovations involving the application of physics in a business situation. Deadline for applications: 30 April 2012

Social housing developer United House seeks rapid surveying technology and data processing software to streamline its patented WHISCERS process. Contact Andy for more details.

 Cisco BIG Awards offer cash prizes, publicity & support for groundbreaking ideas in Big Data, Collaboration, Future Cities, Internet of Things or Mobility. Contact us to discuss support for submitting an application. Deadline: 1 May 2012

EU consortium seeks a wind turbine blades manufacturer for a project, developing a new epoxy coating for large wind turbine blades. Deadline: 3 May 2012. Contact Andy for more details.

RBS EnterprisingU competition is open: 25k available for the best business plan, developed by any student or recent graduate. Deadline for application is 15 June 2012

Available for demonstration: Passive Heat-recovery ventilation for built enviroment, offering energy-efficiency at ultra-low cost. Contact Ron for more details.

Energy Technologies Institutes seeks partners for energy-from-waste demonstrator: 3 concept projects will be funding, leading to 1 full plant. Deadline for notification of intent: 7 June.

 1 billion is available through the Regional Growth Fund for projects that leverage aim to create economic growth and sustainable employment. Minimum project size: 1m.

The Energy Technology Institute has issued a Request for Proposals for a consumer behaviour study in the field of smart system technology and heat. The project will aim to provide insight into how demand for heat can be controlled to meet consumer needs, while delivered in the most cost effective and secure way.

Testudo offers the following services to technology-intensive companies, entrepreneurs and academic institutions:

Services to Businesses

1) Strategic advice

- analysis of markets for the client's products or services;

- proposition of business models for the client to adopt;

- preparation of and feedback on the client's business plan.

2) Fund raising

- Identification of funding routes relevant to the client's needs;

- Consortium-building for public funding;

- Preparation of and feedback on submissions for public funding;

- Introduction to potential private investors.

3) Product development

- Identification of weaknesses in the client's product and processes;

- Introduction to partners that can improve the client's products or services.

4) Market access

- Identification of new markets for the client's products or services;

- Introductio to distributors or new customers for existing products.

5) Technology scouting

- Definition of scouting brief from client;

- Presentation of a portfolio of potentia partners with solutions to the client.

6) Negotiating, transacting & representation on behalf of the client.

Services to Universities

1) Mentoring for Principal Investigators

- Introduction of academics to the business mentality;

- Coaching for academics through initial business interactions, closing at least one deal.

2) Fund Raising

- Identification of funding routes relevant to the client's needs;

- Consortium-building for public funding;

- Preparation of and feedback on submissions for public funding.

3) Licensing

- Analysis  of the market for the client's patents;

- Promotion of the client's patents to potential licensees.

4) Support for spin-outs

- Analysis of the market in support of the decision to spin-out;

- Business support for the spin-out.


Testudo Innovation LLP is registered in England with registration number OC371318. Its registered offices are CPC1 Capital Park, Fulbourn, Cambridge CB21 5XE